Entrepreneur, Water Sommelier, and Advocate for Water. 

Candice Jansen is a renowned entrepreneur, water sommelier, and advocate for water, dedicated to giving water value and exploring the fascinating world of water and its nuanced flavors.

With her refined palate and extensive knowledge of water and creating new experiences, Candice has become a leading expert in the field, revolutionizing how we perceive and appreciate water.

Born with an innate curiosity, Candice embarked on a journey to uncover the intricacies of water. Through extensive research, training, and tasting, she developed a remarkable ability to build trust in water and discern the subtle variations in taste, texture, quality, and aroma of different tasting waters from around the globe.

Candice’s passion for water extends beyond taste. She deeply values the importance of water in our lives and believes in its transformative power. As a water sommelier, she aims to educate and inspire others, encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation for this vital resource.

Through her expertise, Candice has elevated the concept of tasting water to an art form. She curates captivating water spaces and experiences. Her events and masterclasses have garnered international acclaim, captivating audiences with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to create memorable, emotional, and sensory experiences.

Candice’s contributions to the field of water have not gone unnoticed. She has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences and events, sharing her insights on water and the emotional role it plays in our lives. Her expertise has been sought after by renowned restaurants, hotels, and beverage companies seeking to enhance their offerings with curated water selections, the right water for the right applications, and changing branding narratives with the story of water.

Beyond her role as a water sommelier, Candice is an advocate for water and the value of this. She actively promotes responsible water consumption, driving education around the differences in water, and supports initiatives that grow and build trust in water.

With her unwavering dedication to the love of water and the science behind tasting water, Candice has redefined the way to experience, perceive and enjoy this essential beverage. Her expertise, passion, and commitment to changing the world continue to shape the field of water, inspiring others to savor, respect, and fall in love with every drop.


Press Kit – Candice Jansen 2023

Q. Being a water sommelier is not a common career path, in fact until you we had never heard about it. How and when did you first learn about the profession? – The Art of Superwomen

I have been at this game for some time now –  Water is my element and passion, so it was a no-brainer for me. To showcase water in a different light makes all the sense in the world. Being a water sommelier does have a unique job description but an incredible one at that! There isn’t a day that I feel I “work”, I rather live my message that if there is magic found on this planet, it is found in water! And if you ever get to meet me in person, my love for water will be evident from the very first moment of that meeting.