“Now Meet One Of The World’s Top Water Sommeliers” – Forbes Magazine

Candice Jansen is a renowned figure in the world of water, dedicated to giving water value. She’s changing the world through storytelling, advocating for a water-secure future, and making Water the hero again.

“Water insecurity undermines our success as the human race, yet the human race understands very little about water.” ~Candice Jansen

Call it unconventional ( it is ) but the message and narrative of water matters, just as much as the groundwork taking place across the world, in efforts to secure water for food production, healthcare services, and industry production.

How we say things, matters. What we say, matters.

Our values need to be represented in everything we do, and that’s where I come in – to tell the story of water across every industry, building trust and creating emotional connections with water, so that we have water-conscious communities that understand water better, understand how water improves their lives and ultimately how they, are part of the solution too.