Welcome to the story of water…

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet, but is almost always overlooked, undervalued, and misrepresented.

It is through storytelling, across industries and countries, that makes water relative to our lives.

The school system taught us the rain cycle, but they left out all the details.

Those details can be learned here, and it is through learning that we are able to change our perceptions of water, which drives a global water-conscious community.

The conversation about water is the most important one we should be having.

Unapologetically here, to give water value, through relativity, conversation, storytelling, and awareness  – Candice Jansen

The world has changed, we’re smarter now, yet we don’t know everything we should, and we haven’t told the stories that need to be told. We need to acknowledge that water is in fact not pure, containing essential minerals that hold nutritional value. The world’s current representation of water is off-target when it comes to the true characteristics of water and is misleading. Water is a life force worthy of trust, communication, conversation, engineering, patterns, and movement, all of which are to still be embraced.

Water also has taste and is curated by mother nature’s geographical condition at the source, enriching and embedding water with minerals as it flows. These tastes add a new dimension to the experience of water, accompanying foods and wines at the epicurean table, and driving water conversation.

By engaging with companies around the world on the topic of water, we can change brand messaging, make positive changes that reflect the value of water, and offer the best experiences – connecting partners together that allow us to build a better industry, faster.

Through brand storytelling, we are able to communicate the value of water, across every sector, and with the tasting tool of water, we are effectively able to educate, inform and change perceptions of water, creating value. Water is more precious than diamonds or gold.

If we can showcase the wonders of water, in such a manner, that we create a love for water, bringing attention to a resource that has been overlooked and undervalued, we are able to transform conversations into ones that affect change.

“Through my journey thus far, I have had the privilege to connect essential and influential companies and brands, in assisting one another to achieve our united goals, as a water industry that serves all of our people.” – Candice Jansen